Friday, 13 September 2013

My Favorite Homemade Face Mask

Hello Lovelies,

Today I'm sharing with you my favorite homemade face mask, I tend to used twice every three weeks or even once a week depends on my skin needs. 
This amazing face mask is good if your skin is pale or if your face is tired, or having uneven skin tone .
So lets start.

You will need,

1-Lotus jujube
2-Turmeric/or any face/body herbs 
3-Natural yogurt
5-Rose water

In this face mask I didn't use turmeric but instead I used a herb that is famous in middle eastern countries and Africa , unfortunately I only know the Somali name for it, but there is no need for it if you using turmeric because I believe turmeric does wonders. So you only going to add small amount of lotus jujube and turmeric enough for one day use. 

I'm using honey here any type of honey is good, you don't have to buy any natural honey or the same one I'm using here.
I think we all know how important the lemon is, it helps a lot in brighten the face, it also helps a lot to give even skin tone, I think I should do a whole topic about how important the lemon is.
 Rose water, again rose water is amazing on its own, honestly you could use it alone to refresh and add natural glow and radiance to your face. So rose water is one of the main factors of this face mask.

 okay your mask should look like this at the end, it might be bit darker or lighter it depends on your measurement, I added small amount of yogurt, I usually add a huge amount of yogurt but I didn't need much of yogurt this time.

I hope you enjoyed the face mask, make sure you try it and insh'Allah you wont regret, its easy and simple :).
I would advise you only use it once a week not more then that and after 2 weeks start using it once every 3/2 weeks, and do not restore the face mask in the fridge cause it contains yogurt and lemon which is not very good to keep it  in fridge.


Friday, 6 September 2013

Colors Mix

(Photo credit Tumblr)

Since its spring already,colors are getting bit warmer and getting ready for depressing winter :O, I managed to collect quite lovely online warm outfits for spring, purple and red make a great combination.
Snake and tribal prints makes a good winter/summer mix which catches the eye.