Saturday, 28 July 2012

Studs Again

Here is a quick pictures of me wearing my jean jacket and my black shoes I studded.

Friday, 27 July 2012

Studs Obsession

Hello everyone..
Currently I have studs obsession, I mean it suits everything perfectly and makes it more elegant and crazy.
I bought a set from Ebay didn't cost that much, 100 piece cost only £1, so I bought spikes and silver pyramid ones 100 piece each; anyways I was planning to use it on my plain black shoes very simple "boring" bought it couple month ago never wore it that much.
Anyways here is the pictures it took me less then 45 minutes because its bit hard to attache anything in front bit of the shoes, I hope you like it !

here is a close picture of the studs its very easy to use and handle.
the only tool you will need in this DIY is spoon Yes SPOON

This image from Google image.
You just put the Stud where you want and when you see the ends sticking out you get your spoon and bush it down with it, don't use your hands because the studs are quite strong and you could harm your fingers!
Simple DIY great result, I also studded my jean jacket I will try to post a picture in the next topic or maybe wear it in my next outfit of the day..
I hope you enjoyed the tutorial, till next time.

Thursday, 26 July 2012



Here is a quick outfit of the day, sorry for not posting lately as I'm busy studying for my theory test "Driving test" insh'allah I wanna drive before my next birthday so I'm doing my best to take the driving exam at the end of Ramadan, and hopefully I pass.

Sorry about image quality, I had to take it with my IPhone quickly just before I leave, I hope you like it..

Monday, 23 July 2012

New Goodies

Some crazy sale was going on last month and  still going on in some shops like Zara, and God how I love online shopping I literally can't remember the last time I went to a shop and bought something.
Anywho I did some online shopping at different stores and also went to PRIMARK "but  like always there wasn't sale at primark".
Don't you just love shopping.
This bag is from Zara, its only cost £5.99 
This bag from "South" but I bought it from it cost only £25 "I don't remember exactly :$"
Found this lovely cute flat shoes at Primark the other day, even though I wasn't planning to buy anything but I fall in love with it "Don't they look gorgeous"
it cost £10 "wasn't on sale"
also bought this lovely pair of shoes from Primark,it just so simple and its kinda summery beachy thing "if it makes sense"
Cost only £10

Well that's it really with shoes and bags didn't buy much, but insh'Allah "if God wills" I will do another clothing haul in my next blog post.

Friday, 20 July 2012

Central London "Ramadan Kareem"

First of all Ramadan Kareem for you all, I hope you having an amazing day and insh'allah have an amazing month =D

Since Yesterday was last day before Ramadan ,me and the girls and my little cousin booked a tickets at London Aquarium in central London but unfortunately we left home very late so we got there half an hour left for their closing time "shame" I know I was  so  disappointed as I was hoping to go there so bad =/ but anywho we spend the day out and about in central London,the weather was alright wasn't cold or very warm which is perfect =D.

Skirt:Primark-Top:Primark-Jeans jacket:H&m:Bag:Primark:necklace:Riverisland:Watch:Asos
 bought this bright orange skirt couple month but never wore it because it look very very "BOOM" you know what I mean like very bright on dull days so I was like I will keep it for sunny day =D
Ignore the shoe please as my cousin was planning to ruin my photo-shot =/

That's it for today, I'm extremely hungry LOL so I couldn't bubble more, Oh yeah I took a lot of random photo's while I was in central so here is some of it.. ENJOY !
Skinny shrek Yaay or Naay
This is so weird and fun to see

Tuesday, 17 July 2012

A Day In My Life

Come with me for a day..
Me and my lovely sister decide to have a day out ,walk around the park and enjoy the lovely half sunny weather, I put all the pictures together to create a memorable day. I hope you enjoy =)
This Photo is from Google Image
After walking in the park for a while we decided to have something sweet and since there is no a good ice cream  shops around us we had to travel half an hour to get to our favourite ice cream shop in west London area, anywho after we got there it was so crowded like "always"   was full of a lot of people we couldn't find a place to set so after standing in queue for 3 minutes we found a 2 seats and small table available which wasn't enough because we were three so we grabbed this extra chair from two guys who were sitting  next to our table, even though we were so pleased that we finally found a place to set down but it wasn't the perfect place to set as people were literately queue next to us, you can definitely imaging how annoying that is, but thank god after a while two girls where sitting in front were getting ready to leave so we quickly stand up and got ready to take their place,and gosh I was so happy that we could finally find a good place to set next to window and a way from people.

 So I ordered nutella chocolate waffle,Gosh it was so ymi but my sisters didn't like it they said it taste sugar less "If it makes sense" LOL.
Up close picture for you guys, I bet I made you hungry, but seriously you have to visit creams cafe is seriously different than other cafe it also sells a different weird flavours for ice cream, so if you are visiting West London make sure you come by..

I wore a quite simple outfit,just black maxi skirt with pink shirt and spice it up a bit with Leather jacket, I wish if it was a bit warm so I could wear the shirt a lone =( thank you english weather.

My day had come to end so I hope you enjoyed the photos, till next time, take care and have FUN 

Friday, 13 July 2012

Products I've Used

In this topic I will mention all products I've been using it for a while, some I liked and some I didn't.. So stay tuned.

First thing first "Lush brazened honey face mask" : This face mask was recommended by someone ,they talked about how incredibly this product changed their skin  after using it only once on their skin, as they went 2 times brighter also  how it cleans the  face very well  get rid off all the blemishes, so next morning I went to lush to buy it since I was looking for natural face mask for dry skin for so long, anyway I start using it straight after I bought it, I've been using it over 3 month now, I don't usually use it everyday just once a week or twice every three weeks;unfortunately I did not notice any changes in my skin I still have this annoying blemishes between my eyebrows plus I did not notice any changes in my skin; but what I really like about this product that it doesn't leave your face dry after washing it like other face masks but makes it really soft and moisturise your face..
At the end I would not recommend this product to any one but if you are looking for normal face mask than sure you would like this product.

Second product is "the fab pore facial peel" : I've never used any of Soap&Glory facial mask before but I thought I would try their products out since their products look quite nice and girly LOL.
I bought this product nine month ago, I start using it straight after I bought it, it looked alright and everything but O god as soon I took it off  my skin was grey , the feeling of my face was anything far from soft my skin felt really weird so I stopped it using it straight after that .. after like couple weeks I was like "you know what I'm going to give it another go and try it for the last time" ; but unfortunately same result, so  I gave it to my sister who have  combination skin and after she used it BAAM ! from the first use and her skin looked even and brighter and it did not leave her skin dry like mine but  really soft and moisturised very well.
So at the end I truly recommend this product if you have oily to combination skin, and stay a way from it if you have a dry skin like mine..

Third product is "Montagnejeunesse Peel Off Tropical": I have always loved Montagnejeunesse face masks they are absolutely gorgeous and you could notice the difference straight after you wash it off, the problem was that I never find a whole bottle its always in small pack which you can only use it once, which is horrible because I did not want to buy a lot of packs because surely I will lose them some where.. So like month ago I went to Boots while buying my usual products I found it, O god I was extremely happy now I could use it as much as I want.
The effects of the product is absolutely amazing but the only problem I always find that it leaves your skin dry so you have to use a moisturiser afterwards which is okay.
I strongly  recommend this product if you have dry or combination skin but stay away from it if you have a sensitive skin as it will surely damage your skin..
Fourth product is "Queen Helene Cocoa Butter Scrub" : I've been using this product over 2 years now and its ever so gorgeous , it does it job very well scrub the face perfectly and you can feel/see the difference as soon as you wash it off; I used to use it on daily basis which is something horrible to do, scrubbing your face on daily basis will wash away all the natural good oil your face need. So I start using it every 3 days and that made my face less dry and soft as it used to be.
I strongly recommend this product if you have dry,combination or oily skin but if you have oily to sensitive skin I recommend you to stay away from it as it might be quite harsh on sensitive skin.
Fifth Product "Clean and Clear Blackhead Scrub " : well well what can I say most of us have used Clean and Clear while growing up, but since my skin is dry skin I have never faced a lot of acnes, I either get a painful acne on my nose or small acnes in my forehead,what I usually do is drink a lot of water and stick to my everyday routine till it fades away.
But couple weeks ago I was like I'm going to buy clean and clear blackhead scrub and give it ago and O god for only couple use and my skin was clear from this annoying small acnes its was more than amazing.
When it comes to scrubbing I don't find harsh at all its very soft on the skin so here is a point for sensitive skin people to use it. Next thing it says on the bottle "Oil-Free" however I find my face quite oily after I wash it off which is good for me since I have dry skin but that doesn't stop me from using my daily moisturiser as my skin sooner becomes dry.
I strongly recommend this product if you have dry,combination or oily skin, I absolutely love it.
Sixth product "The Body Shop Coconut Shower Cream" : Simple comment it just like any other shower cream I've been using it for 2 years now but I change the scent from time to time.
So yeah I recommend this product if you like a shower cream that smells nice and cheap.
The last product is "Elanzia Merveille Perfume": very light scent suitable for morning use and after all is very cheap and handy..

At the end I do apologize for the long review,I hope you enjoyed and  didn't bore you to death.