Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Eid Al Adha

Hello Lovies,

I hope you all had amazing Eid "bit late" even though it was freezing but we still went out and had a lot of fun with my girls, we went to  Westfield in Stratford and gosh was a very good idea it was much fun than westfield in white city there is more restaurants there more shops and guess what PRIMARK is there too like seriously best thing ever.
Enough with talk heres the pictures..

We had a yummi Japanese food at restaurant called Rosa I think not sure but it was ymii.

after that we went for some cupcakes and Ben and Jerry's Ice creams and then we watch this silly "Scary movie wanna-be " at cinema but it was fun  day with my loved ones..


  1. Nice pictures! The cupcakes look so yummyyy

  2. I love your blog!!! And I really want those cupcakes. I've just realised how hungry I am. I may have to raid the fridge... Anyway, your blog is awesome :) Would it be possible for you to take a look at mine please? ^_^

    Keep up the good posts. :)